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Costs Ship Sanitation Certificate

The table below lists the costs for each type of ship.

Inspection costs

Working time

Costs per 1 July 2021

Monday till Friday between 6AM and 8PM € 114,92 per hour
Monday till Friday between 8PM and 6AM and on Saturdays € 172,39 per hour
Sunday € 229,84 per hour
Call-Out Fee Quarter € 28,73
Re-inspection Control Certificate € 114,92

A maximum number of hours may be charged in relation to the number of persons on a ship. The number of hours that may be charged is no more than:

  • 4 hours on ships with fewer than 50 persons on board, other than crew members,
  • 8 hours on ships with 50–500 persons on board, other than crew members,
  • 12 hours on ships with 500 and more persons on board, other than crew members.


The starting point for the rate that the audit carried out by an expert employed by the GGD, the municipal health. The report examines the rate used for licensing tattoo, piercing and PMU.

The job requirements for conducting research to obtain an Exemption Certificate Ship Sanitation Control Certificate or a Ship Sanitation Control are similar to  the work of an official under the 

Warenwetregeling tattooing and piercing

For work outside normal working hours are fixed rates of 150% and 200% of the normal hourly rate, corresponding to the remuneration structure that municipalities usually use.

Rates are indexed annually on the basis of the CBS wage index for the public sector.


For questions or more information, contact GGD Fryslân.