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Coronavirus COVID-19

In Fryslân we’re also dealing with the spread of the coronavirus. That’s why it’s important to follow the national measures. In everything you do, ask yourself the following question: ‘do I endanger the health of others, especially the vulnerable groups?’ All the inhabitants of Fryslân play an important role. Only together we can control the coronavirus.

Latest update

Update: 15th of May 2020 (4:45 PM): GGDs ready for capacity expansion

In June, all people with complaints can be tested for corona. Anyone who tests positive will have to deal with source and contact research by the GGD. This research takes a lot of time.

The GGDs have now jointly drawn up a plan that ensures that they will be ready in June to carry out up to 2,400 source and contact surveys per day nationally. These numbers are based on calculations by RIVM.

Substantial capacity

Margreet de Graaf, director of GGD Fryslân is also the national portfolio holder for source and contact research at GGD GHOR Nederland. Margreet: “As GGDs, we have a lot of experience with source and contact research, because we also do this for other infectious diseases. But the size is now much larger. That means that this is also a huge job for us ”.

The capacity for the source and contact research is expanded in two ways. All regional GGDs ensure extra upscaling by retraining their own employees and recruiting extra people. In addition, there will be a national facility for conducting source and contact research. The GGDs can make use of this if they need extra capacity in their region.

Important role in investigation

The source and contact research plays an important role in containing the virus. Government measures are gradually becoming more relaxed. The condition for this new freedom is that we detect infected persons as quickly as possible and try to prevent them from infecting others. It is also important that people follow the guidelines well if they have been tested positive and, for example, stay at home.

More information can be found on the website of GGD GHOR Nederland.

Update: 14th of May (8.45 AM): Corona-infected residents asc Sneek moved to corona-quarantine location Zoutkamp

The corona-infected residents of the asylum seekers center (asc) Sneek moved to the corona quarantine location in Zoutkamp at the beginning of the evening of Wednesday 13th of May with their family members and housemates. They will be quarantined there in the coming period.

Separate groups

The residents of the asc Sneek and their family members and housemates (about 60 people in total) were transported in four buses and a taxi from Sneek to Zoutkamp. A family in which sections of the corona infection was one of the first to be diagnosed has remained in Sneek asc, to complete the period of isolation that has almost ended for them. The restriction of freedom that this entails is not an easy task. But people are relieved that it is now clear where they stand. In the corona quarantine location in Zoutkamp it is possible to house non-infected persons, who are not part of a family with an infected person, separately - something that did not work in the asc in Sneek.

Emergency shelter residents asc Sneek

The Willem Lodewijk van Nassaukazerne in Zoutkamp was made suitable for the shelter of the residents of the asc Sneek after the departure of the refugees who stayed there in the emergency shelter location yesterday. These asylum seekers are not allowed to leave their accommodation during the quarantine / isolation period. They are provided with meals and drinks in that room and everything necessary for the basic necessities of life. Medical care is available at the location. Until now, infected residents of Sneek asc have mild to no health complaints.

Until May 25th

Until 25th of May 2020 at the latest, COA can make use of the Willem Lodewijk van Nassaukazerne. After this, the part of the barracks used by the asc residents will be returned to the Ministry of Defense. The people whose quarantine / isolation can be lifted can return to asc Sneek. A suitable place is being sought for people who cannot quarantine / isolate on 25th of May. Whether that is Sneek or elsewhere will be examined in more detail.

Asc Sneek

The other residents of asc Sneek are happy that everything will be calmed down in the asc. The same rules apply to them as to everyone in the Netherlands: keep a meter and a half away, hand hygiene and so on. The asc residents are extra aware of the importance of complying with these rules due to the recent corona outbreak.

Update 11th of May 2020 (5.30 PM): Results testing of residents and staff at asylum center in Sneek

During further testing of residents of asylum center Sneek, six people were found positive for the corona virus last weekend. This brings the total of infected residents to 28.

Forty employees also underwent a test last weekend, all of which were negative. Last week, one asylum center security guard had been diagnosed with coronavirus infection.

Consequences for asylum center residents

Location manager Benny Schonewille of the asylum center in Sneek: “Because of of these results, it was decided in coordination between the GGD Fryslân, the Veiligheidsregio Fryslân and the COA to transfer the infected persons, their family members and those who belong to their housing unit. They will remain in isolation at the location(s) they go to until it is clear that no further contamination can take place. For the other residents of the asylum center, the isolation will be lifted at six this afternoon. ”
Residents who tested negative last weekend were asked to remain alert to complaints.

“A number of residents have not been tested because they were not present at the location. They reside elsewhere, well before the first asylum center resident was found to be infected with the coronavirus. Since March 16, the weekly reporting obligation in the asylum center has been suspended and the schools have been closed; As a result, several residents went to family or friends outside the asylum center. ”

Schonewille: “It has been an tensive weekend for the residents of the asylum center. Despite a few incidents, the atmosphere was nevertheless very good, people understood the importance of the isolation. I am very proud of that. Also on all employees; a level performance has been achieved. Now people are very relieved that it is clear what is going on.” People who move to another location will return to the asylum center in Sneek after the necessary isolation period.


Margreet de Graaf, director of GGD Fryslân: “I share Benny Schonewille's compliment to the residents of the asylum center. They cooperated very well. As a result, we receive all the results on time. Those results reassure us. Corona was found, but to a lesser extent than we thought at the end of last week.”

“It was the first time that we have tested in this way during this corona time. The national test policy was changed last Wednesday. If we wish, we can now also test people with complaints who have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with corona. That was necessary here. It is difficult to keep your distance in an asylum center, especially if you share certain facilities. The only way to visualize how the virus has spread was through such a large-scale test. However drastic that may be for such a community. ”

“Compared to the results we had on Friday, much more has been tested but far fewer positive tests have been added. On Friday we had 22 positive tests, now 29, including one employee. With the spreading of the virus, it isn't too bad. This can also be reassuring for the environment, which generally responded nicely last weekend. ”


Mayor Jannewietske de Vries of the municipality of Sudwest-Fryslân notes that after Friday afternoon she took more infections into account. “Now that the results of the tests in the asylum center are known, only 6 new infections, on top of Friday's 23, I am relieved. It is okay. It is also reassuring that the COA and the GGD are in control of the situation. In addition, I see that the residents of both the asylum center and the neighborhood have remained fairly calm underneath. ”

“Of course there are people who are worried, and I fully understand that, but there is no reason here - in our region - to worry more. Residents of the asylum center who are not infected can and should move a little more freely, just like everyone in the rest of the Netherlands. ”

The mayor points out that it is of course important to keep all of us to the agreements. So: work at home as much as possible, stay home with complaints, avoid crowds. And: keep a meter and a half away. “The corona crisis is not over yet. It's not a nice message, but only if we keep to the agreements can we get an "open-up" step by step. Sensible and responsible. ”

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What can you do?

People all around the Netherlands are being advised to work from home as much as you can, or spread your work times. Additionaly: stay at home whenever you have symptoms such as a cold, coughing, pain in your throat or fever. Dim your social contacts. Call your GP whenever your symptoms worsen.

It's always important to follow the measures:

If you:
- have symptoms of the common cold or a temperature up from 38C 
- have been in contact with a patient with the novel coronavirus, or have been in one of the following countries or regions:

  • China (including Hong Kong)
  • Italy
  • Iran
  • South Korea

It is not necessary to call your GP at this stage.

If your symptoms worsen:
- a fever (above 38c)
- respiratory complaints (coughing and shortness of breath)

you should call your GP.

Questions about the coronavirus?

We recommend you to check the Q&A of RIVM if you have any questions. Do you still have questions or do you want to know more? Then call the public number: (0800) 1351. Are you concerned about your health? Then call your GP. Based on your complaints and situation, your GP determines whether further examination is necessary. We are available every working day from 9.00 AM till 6.00 PM. On Saturday and Sunday, we are available from 10.00 AM till 12.30 PM and from 1.00 PM till 5.00 PM.